Should the same flooring be used everywhere in my home?

Should the same flooring be used everywhere in my home?

If you're looking for new floors, we know you have some questions about the process. Some homeowners as if the same flooring should be used in every room.

For some, this is preferable, and each has its reason. But others prefer to floor a room based on its use and decor scheme.

The benefits of having the same flooring in every room

Choosing one material for every room is a reasonable option for many homeowners. It creates a beautiful floor from one room to the next with stunning effects.

It also means your new floors will be easier to clean because you don't have to switch cleaners or tools. You won't have to use transition pieces between rooms, either.

Using the same materials also creates fantastic cohesiveness. Be sure to speak with your flooring professional about the direction of the seams and lines.

The benefits of choosing different floors for each room

Many homeowners prefer adding floors to a room based on the room itself. While it's not the perfect choice for everyone, some prefer it to a single flooring covering.

Choosing carpet from our flooring company for a child's room when the rest of the house is hard surface flooring is an example. In this case, it makes perfect sense.

If most of your home has carpet, your kitchens and baths will benefit best from waterproof floors. It is easy to choose more than one floor covering in a single house when it makes sense.

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